Friday, April 2, 2010

The Macon Shutterbugs

Last weekend, we attended the Macon Cherry Blossom festival in Macon, Georgia and had a great time.

One event that we did not find out about, however, until we saw it on the local news (too late for us) was an exhibition by a non profit organization called the Macon Shutterbugs, who displayed their photos at one of the parks.  Some of the photos were for sale, the proceeds of which would have benefited this organization.

I would have very much wanted to see the viewpoints shown by these special photos.  A hint to the Macon Cherry Blossom organizers:  I did not see this on your material - perhaps I missed it but I hope that if they come again, that you be sure to include this in your promotional material.

Years ago, my other brother in law gave Bil a camera as a Christmas gift.  It wasn't anything he was interested in, and he wasn't encouraged to use it.  Still, I wonder if he had taken up photography as a hobby, what Bil would have produced.

In the meantime, I've also found out about a very special autism photography event, which I will mention in my next blog post.

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