Friday, April 9, 2010


I promised I would not talk about Bil's medical problems.  What I'm about to write about is not due to a medical problem, unless you consider aging into your 50's as a medical problem.  For some of us, it is!

Monday, husband and I went with my mother in law and Bil for his annual checkup.  First off:  his medicare doesn't cover annual physicals so she had to write out a check for nearly $200.

My husband went in when the doctor announced the results of the exam.  I stayed outside.

Last year, Bil's doctor (also my mother in law's doctor) wanted a colonoscopy done on Bil.  After all, he had reached 50, and that is what the guidelines say.  My mother in law decided not to do it.  But this year the doctor is more insistent.

My husband has had 2 colonoscopies.  I've had one.  So we can both attest that the prep is not fun.  In fact, the actual exam is a piece of cake (no pun intended) in comparison.

So how is a 50-something man with autism going to react?  Is he going to be cooperative?  Is he going to freak out in the middle?  Plus he was so anxious before this exam-how anxious is this whole event going to make him?

My mother in law decided she wanted my husband (noting here we live 150 miles away) around for the night of the, shall we say, big event, if she does agree to sign Bil up for this.

And I don't know if she will.  With her current physical condition, this is going to be tough on her even if we are there. 

I just don't know about this.

We'll see.

My instincts are to research something like this.  But every one with autism is different-that is why it is a "spectrum" disorder - and other people's experience may not help us much. 

As they used to say:  "Stay tuned".

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