Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bil and the Mobile Home

Bil is up here (staying with my other brother in law and his wife) for a couple of days.

We went out to eat at a cheap but OK Italian restaurant-to our surprise Bil ordered vegetable lasagna (maybe because his mother did). He didn't say a word during the meal-just stared into space.   That would fool most people but I know he was picking up many details of what was going on around him to process in his own way.

Afterwards we went to my son's pride and joy-the mobile home he is moving into out in a country mobile home park.  He, again, just looked around.  I don't think he was that happy to be there because there was no TV (no money for cable or satellite yet and there is no reception up there otherwise) for him to watch the Weather Channel on.  But who knows-a mobile home may be an option for him-it isn't all that expensive (compared to other forms of housing) and he could be totally "alone" if he wanted to.  One nice thing about country living (I've lived both in NYC and in deep country, much deeper than where this park is) is that people tend to be "live and let live"-although they also know your business in a very deep way.  Both might be good for Bil.

This particular mobile home park seems very strict - they make sure it doesn't get "trashy", are particular about tenants keeping their grounds clean, mowed, no junk cars, that kind of thing.  This really may be something to look into, if Bil could get the supports he needs there.

A thought.

Later today we will all be going to my brother in law's lake home down in Pennsylvania.  I think he will be happier there.

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