Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bil and the Magazine

I don't know that I handled this correctly - I am still mulling it over.

Last month, when we visited my mother in law and Bil, my husband, mother-in-law and I were sitting in the living room.  Mil and husband were watching TV and I was paging through the TV guide magazine.  It is Bil's magazine-he pays the subscription - but it is mainly my mother in law who uses the magazines.  I don't get TV Guide at home and I like paging through them.

At one point I got interested in what was on TV and was watching TV with the TV guide in my lap.  For some reason, Bil came upstairs from where he lives, which is in a room in the finished basement/recreation area.  He usually doesn't come up unless he hears dinner being ready.  With his supersonic hearing, he always arrives exactly as dinner is being served.   Eats and leaves, and then comes back exactly in time for dessert.  Otherwise he never wants to socialize.

So I don't know why he came up, and picked the TV guide right out of my lap, looked at it for about a second, put it back, and left the room.

Was it because he wanted the TV Guide but didn't want to ask me for it? (meaning he would have to engage in social interaction).  But obviously, he did not realize that reaching into someone's lap, especially a someone of the opposite sex, is a no-no.

I didn't say anything.  I was a bit stunned (this was a first time behavior on Bil's part) and didn't react fast enough.

If it ever happens again though - I will have a response ready.

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