Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Medicare Supplement Coverage for People with Autism

I thought my mother in law had shared many of the details of Bil's expenses with us but we found out this weekend that was not true.

We were helping her organize some bills when when we saw a bill for Bil for $338.  It was for Bil's Medicare Supplemental coverage, she explained.  Although he is was accepted for NY Medicaid a handful of years ago, his Medicaid Service Coordinator strongly recommended he keep this coverage.

It's $338 a year, we asked.

No, she responded.  This is his premium per month.  Then she explained that it was difficult to get him this coverage.  It had started out cheap several years ago and has gotten more and more expensive.  This past open enrollment period, she had looked at other options.  Many insurance companies won't take Bil because he is under 65.  The bill we saw was for the cheapest company.

$338 a month.  For someone who works in a sheltered workshop part time.  I'm not even sure he brings home that much money.

How can he afford it?  But, mother in law said, he needs this coverage.

She kept calling it "part D" coverage.  She couldn't tell me exactly what coverage he has.

$338 a month.

I wish she was more open about this kind of thing.  When we started to ask more questions, that wall came up; she accused us of questioning her judgement.  We were doing no such thing.  How are we supposed to take care of Bil's affairs when she no longer can, if she isn't forthcoming about his financial affairs.

How many surprises are we going to have when we take over?

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