Friday, November 5, 2010

Housing Options

Back around 2001 my husband and I attended a seminar on housing by someone who worked for what was then called OMRDD.  What we found out was that housing options for developmentally disabled are confusing, wrapped in government red tape, and had lots of long waiting lists.

Things haven't changed.  The person who did the seminar very kindly had dinner with me (I wasn't able to come to the presentation) and some other family members.  He is retired now, and was a consultant for a while, but I have lost his name (and card) in the mists of time.

When my young adult son moved into a mobile home, I visited him at his new trailer park.  His trailer, although old, is pretty nice.  And I said to myself, "with the right supports, I wonder if this might be an option for Bil one day."

Bil's Medicaid Service Coordinator doesn't feel Bil could ever live independently.  However, she feels he would be a good candidate for some kind of supported housing situation, with perhaps one or two other "roommates".  I am not sure a complete evaluation has ever been made regarding his life skills.  We've also been trying for about three years to get Bil a service provider under NY's Residential Habilitation Program (Res Hab) but no one seems wiling to work with a 50 plus year old man.  I'm sure that is combined with the relatively low wages for such a position compared to the cost of living in Putnam County.

But thinking of the mobile home, that would probably only be an option if we moved Bil up here.  And that may not be the best thing to do (once my mother in  law can no longer care for him, that is-because as long as she can she is going to want him at home.) why does it seem governments exist only to provide red tape, not to actually help people like my mother in law?  And Bil?

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