Friday, November 25, 2011

Another Victim of the Upstate NY Flood

It has been a tradition, for many years, for the Southern Tier Independence Center (STIC) to host a Hometown Holiday Lighting Festival. This started in 2001, in Otsiningo Park, and a carload of people, for a very reasonable price, could drive through the park and enjoy lighted holiday characters.

It was a major fundraiser for STIC.

And now it has been cancelled for this year (and possibly for good), due to our flood of earlier this year.  After torrential rains the beginning of September, many places were flooded.  Otsiningo Park is prone to flooding (that is one reason there is a park there, and not housing developments) but this was bad even for them. The water got into the electrical outlets the displays depend on.

Another "victim" of our floods? STIC must now try to raise money in another way, competing with flood related charities and others.  This will be a hard holiday season for our Triple Cities of New York State.

STIC serves people with all types of disabilities, including autism.  If Bil lived here he may have received service coordination through them.

Not much to say....I hope they can make up the shortfall.  Or, people with autism and other disabilities will pay the price.

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