Monday, November 7, 2011

A Mother Who Cares for the Housing of Her Child

I haven't been reporting on Bil's Medicaid situation lately.  It has not gone well, and I would rather not talk about it.

We are not going to get much help as far as getting a housing situation for Bil set up.  Rather than vent my anger over the situation (while we try to juggle work situations, flood recovery from our community flooding in early September due to a tropical storm that dumped some 10 inches of rain on our fair community, and other issues including a health issue in my family) I found this blog post.  A mother with the energy to go through this process, the process that we just don't seem to have the will to pursue.  May she obtain what she hopes to obtain for her son.

It isn't that my mother in law doesn't care. It's that she doesn't get it and no one wants to confront her.  And someone we thought was going to be an ally in our efforts turned out not to be.  Shame on us for trusting that person.  We just don't have the energy to pursue it.  I am feeling quite overwhelmed right now.

Right now I really don't want to say more.  I will when I am ready to.

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