Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Disturbing Video

Everyone who has raised a teen knows that they try your patience and sometimes your sanity.

In the now famous "teen being beaten by father who is a judge in Texas" video, sometimes that can take an ugly turn.  The then-teen, now in her 20's, has Celebral Palsy, but that really doesn't enter into this situation. This, from a interview on the Today Show, seems to be a lot more than a "special needs teen" type case as the mother claims to have been abused by this same man, her ex-husband.

 I frankly hope this judge ends up in jail for what he did.  This is way beyond discipline.  If he had done this to a stranger out on the street, he would have had to answer to the law.

Children with disabilities...any child, really...deserves better than this now famous video seen over 1,000,000. times on You Tube.  I have not and will not watch the entire video and will not post the link to the entire 7 minute video on You Tube.

Bil was never treated like this growing up.  And if he had, it would have been Just Plain Wrong.

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