Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Buried Feelings

We've heard from Bil's newish Medicaid Service Coordinator with a status update.  The MSC has been visiting Bil on the job.  Bil is getting to know her, and is comfortable enough with her now to initiate conversations. This is something he does not due except with family, generally.

The topics of conversation are generally those he talks to (in very abbreviated conversations) family members about.  The weather, for example.  And, some other topics he generally does not talk about - politics.  

Bil has been expressing some concern about his mother.

This is not the first time Bil has shown concern about his mother, and it makes me feel (once again) that there is so much right underneath the surface of Bil that he just can't express.  (which is one reason why I have so many misgivings about People First benefiting Bil - because if you can't communicate, and if you can't communicate your need to be able to communicate, you are never going to get help with communication.  So because Bil isn't expressing his desire to communicate he will never get that help.  Around and around this will go forever.  But I digress.)

But he can communicate his concern and it seems to be a concern about his mother's ability to drive.  Ah, that is sometime else too....the keen observer of events.

What has he seen, exactly?  We just don't know.  Is it just age related issues - so far she isn't showing the obvious signs of needing to give up the wheel (lots of minor accidents, etc.)  None that she is admitting to, anyway.  But we see him next, in less than a week, how can we find out?  We aren't going to have time alone with him - he basically comes up for air (mealtime) and then runs right back into his room, not to be seen again unless there is a public place he wants to go to.

Always a challenge.

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