Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Very Bil Christmas

We had a very pleasant Christmas today, at a relative's house.  We exchanged gifts, with Bil staring into space and not making eye contact with anyone.

But that doesn't mean Bil doesn't care.

He picks out all gifts with the utmost of care.  I don't know how much help his Mom gives him, but he always tries to base his gift on an interest the person has.

He was happy to be with family, but didn't want to get involved in any of the games we played with each other after dinner.  He wants to be with us, but, as usual, doesn't want to be involved socially with us.

I never knew Bil when he was really young, to know how he behaved.  So many children with autism find the holidays a difficult, overstimulating time.

But Bil copes well.  The family is used to this, and just played games around him.

Tomorrow, we will be going home and may not see Bil again until spring - depending on how harsh the winter is.

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