Friday, December 21, 2012

I Wish I was a Wise Man

This time it's snow and wind.

First, there were the immediate concerns.

Will my mother in law lose her power?  Will Bil be temporarily at the mercy of his mother in law's decisions to stay put (or not) without power?  After Superstorm Sandy, it took days for her power to be restored.

This time her neighbor, who helped out so much, will be far away, in her winter home.

But now, there may be another storm coming right after Christmas.  We are going to have to make a decision, while we are visitingher and Bil for Christmas, of the best way to insure her safety.  Worse case scenerio, we will have to cram Bil and Mom into our small car and bring them back with us next Wednesday or Thursday.

But we can't keep doing this.  Again, I know "the our of decision" is almost here, but I still feel like a fly stuck in amber.

I feel paralyzed by the events in Newtown, which continue to affect some of my thought processes.

I wish I was a wise man, and I wish there was a star shining in the sky that would give us direction and guidance.

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