Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday the 13th

We have had several phone calls and two in-person meetings with a couple of other family members in the past week.

Tomorrow (with out me) some phone calls are going to be made.  I hope they can make contact with the people we need to speak to.  I have to work, and can not get off with that short notice to be there.

Money is going to be involved, but we are going to try to minimize how much we have to spend.

We are going to arrrange for an assessment of my mother in law, both herphysical, and her mental, state.  And we are going to have to face the possibility that she may not be able to stay in her home.

I also know one day I will be old, and someone will have to do this for me.  It gives me chills.

We had thought about moving my mother in law and Bil up here, where we and the other family members live, but realize this is going to be traumatic for everyone involved.  This may have to be a last resort.  But first, we need a road map.

So we are going to seek some professional guidance.  It's too much trying to contact agencies here and where Bil lives, too much to get our heads around.   Or do the hours of research I've done.

I've looked at research I've done through the years. I guess the time had to be right, as far as everyone realizing the time was right.

In some cultures, 13 is a lucky number.  Let's hope.

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