Friday, May 26, 2017

Star Light Star Bright

Where I grew up, in New York City, you could barely see the night sky.  There were so many streetlights that you could only see the moon, and the brightest of stars.

Yet, I would love to watch the night sky from the west window of my childhood apartment.  I would watch the progression of the moon, as it would set behind one building, and then another, and then reverse direction,  It was reliable. Each month, you knew exactly where the moon would set.

Similarly, the constellations had their own consistency.  There were the summer constellations.  There were the winter constellations.  They appeared and disappeared in rhythm.

Too bad all of life isn't like that.

In this blog, I blog about my relationships with my autistic brother in law, Bil, as he transitions from life with his nearly 90 year old mother to life (with help) on his own.

Sometimes, it seems that life is going good.  In the last two posts, I've blogged about a housing opportunity he applied for last week.  We were told it might take him two months to get on the waiting list.

Instead, it took a week.  As of earlier this week, Bil is on the list.

Now, we wait for his name to be chosen for a supported apartment, where he (with help) will be living with another roommate in a two bedroom apartment, as his mother gets closer to the time when she can no longer care for him.  Sooner or later, he had to leave his mother's home, as her other children did years and years ago.  I think he's, in a way, looking forward to it.

But budget cuts are in the works.

 His disability check, for which he is entitled due to his late father's work record, may be cut. We don't know how much this apartment will cost. He no longer works, as his only successful work experience was with a sheltered workshop, and they have now been discontinued.  He depends on a disability check, and a government medical program called Medicaid.  And, speaking of Medicaid, and budget cuts....

If only Bil's life could be as predictable as the stars in the sky.  Perhaps, to Bil, life has a rhythm known only to him.

Or perhaps we should all wish upon a star.
Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight...

"Look at the night sky and use it to inspire your writing" is today's prompt on #FridayReflections. 

Come and join other bloggers in reflection this Friday.


  1. Hi - I do hope Bil gets the home he deserves and the worry for one and all can be set aside leaving time free to be with him, so he can enjoy your company and his mother's in a peaceful setting and allow him to settle in ... with thoughts and all the best - cheers Hilary

  2. Thank you for your good thoughts, Hilary.


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