Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dogs for Autism

A brief post this evening.

I took a look on Twitter to see if there is a "spectrum" presence there.  I found lot of the major organizations advocating for autism have presence on Twitter.  Jenny McCarthy (or someone claiming to be here) was there.  As are some people saying they have Asperger Syndrome. (from those with Asperger Syndrome that I know, that actually comes as no surprise.  The surprise would be finding people like Bil.)

I also found an organization called Dogs for Autism.  Fascinating.  I went to their website to find out more.

What a wonderful idea - service dogs for autism.  I found is that service dogs are a lot more than the stereotype of the German Shepard helping the blind. Besides the blind, service dogs assist people who can't hear, and people who suffer from seizures. 

This organization has been around for some 20 years, although they only started working with training dogs to help those with autism in the past few years.

The loveliest part?  You can make a contribution in the name of a beloved dog in your life who has passed on.

I wish I could say (as an aside) that Bil loves dogs.  But, my mother in law's family never had a dog as a pet.  They had a cat but Bil never interacted with the pet.  But I bet there are a lot of people with autism who love dogs.

But other than that, I spent a few minutes browsing people who came up when I typed in "Adults with Autism".  Right now I'm not interested in following any more people on Twitter but when I get my Twitterlegs, I will most likely investigate this topic more.

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