Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to Special Needs Parents

A very simple blog today, Fathers Day.

Happy Fathers Day to all fathers of children with disabilities!  I wanted to share two blog posts with you.

The first, "An Autism Dad on Feelings and Manhood"  I found this one on Twitter.
And secondly, thanks to "Five Minutes for" for this one

This is a simple and very moving tribute to a father, and to the mother who wrote it.

Fathers especially get a bad rap.  They have a reputation for checking out, either mentally or physically, when a child is born to them who isn't exactly perfect.

Sadly, I've known situations where this happens.  But I also know situations where the fathers hang in there.  Like my son's friend, who has Asperger Syndrome.  He's a young adult now, newly graduated from a one year program at SUNY Delhi and his father has been a constant presence in his life.

So, happy Fathers Day to the fathers who hang in there.  And, the mothers, like my mother in law, and Bil's mother, who have hung in there, too.

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