Friday, June 10, 2011

Fathers and Autism - Fathers and Support

Fathers get a bad rap.  I personally know one person who gave birth to a child with disabilities, and the father was totally disengaged.  He ended up leaving the marriage officially a few years later, but was absent without leave way before that.

I also don't remember my father in law being engaged much with Bil.  Nor did he make any effort (that I know of) in Bil's future planning.  He left only minimal life insurance when he died, and it wasn't because he couldn't afford the premiums.

But there are certainly engaged fathers out there.  I remember, a few years back, meeting the father of a 4 year old child with Angelman Syndrome and he was, at least in the setting I saw him, quite involved.

Therefore, I was pleased to see that the Family Resource Network is now sponsoring a Father's Forum  "for male caregivers, facilitated by male caregivers." 

So much support out there seems geared to the mother....I applaud this.

Now, if there could be more support geared to the "in law"...the person in a marriage not the sibling...another sore point I will talk about another time.

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