Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Longest Conversation

Sunday, I saw Bil engage in the longest sustained conversation I've ever witnessed between him and someone else (in this case, Bil's brother).

It was only a couple of minutes.  But it's a sign that Bil is trying to...change? Grow?  I still can't put my finger on it.  It's like the interest in food I mentioned yesterday, which I will come back to again (hopefully) soon.

The subject matter was simple.  Bil wanted to know if his brother was "going out".   I think what Bil wanted was to be taken somewhere.  It seems (as part of this change) that he wants to be out and about more and more-but on his terms.  I think his mother's increasing fraility may be causing that. She just can't drop everything and take him somewhere.  Mobility has been a very big issue for her for most of this year-and will be for the rest of her life.

So what was special about the request?  Well, usually Bil talks in one or two sentences (if that). And then withdraws into himself.

This time the words just gushed out. 

But, we had a full slate of things to do for Bil's Mom, and my husband had to tell him "no, we aren't going out." (later on, we needed to run an errand, and he never came out of his room to ask if we could take him.)

He seemed to accept the "no" with good grace.

Was this just one time?  Or are we starting to see some kind of change/growth?

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