Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Pretty Neat Autism Book

Another book I picked up at the library that I would like to mention- "The Autism Mom's Survival Guide" (for dads, too!) by Susan Senator.  The subtitle is "Creating Balanced and Happy Life while Raising a Child with Autism". If only my in laws had had a book like this; it would have made my mother in law's life so much easier.

Susan Senator is worth hearing out for a number of reasons.
First,she writes a heck of a blog.

Second:  she has information on life when the person with autism has grown up.  Few books have that.

There is a short chapter at the back called "Looking toward the Future" with various thoughts and resources regarding adults with autism.  Some of it is about her own son.  Also, Ms. Senator mentioned various websites which allow ASD adults to communicate in their own (so to speak) voice.  One would think computers would be a heavensend for those who wish to communicate but are non verbal, and sure enough, for some it has been that heavensend.

Not Bil, though. (for the record he is verbal, although his verbal communication is somewhat limited.)

Also, this book concentrates on a lot of topics you will not find in any other book on autism, including keeping the relationship between a married couple alive.  And, how autism moms and dads keep their sanity.

Finally, a help to all those with children who have special needs (no matter what they may be) is a section on how to deal with a world that can be very noncompassionate.  We are fortunate right now with Bil; he does not act out in public. (that wasn't the case when he was young!).  However, we have never been in a true circumstance where Bil has to do something he doesn't want to do, and he must do it.  We've always been able to negotiate.

I'm dreading the day when this will come up.  In the wrong situation, it could lead to tragic consequences for Bil.

I am going to explore some of her ideas (if I can remember to write them down!) in my "spare time".

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