Sunday, July 11, 2010

Support our Military-End Wait Lists

Support our military. Make it more than just empty words.

There is a wonderful video on You Tube about waiting lists.

Should you spend the 5 minutes to look at it?  Yes.  If, for no other reason than to support our military.  I would bet that, disproportionally, they bear this burden more than the rest of us.  But all families with disabled members (military or not) do.

I belonged, for several years, to a troop support organization (now disbanded).  We sent monthly "care packages" to troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.   Our head person got to know a lot of the troops when they came home. She even went down to Alabama to visit some families (for whatever reason, at one point we were supplying several National Guard and other military units from Alabama.)

One of these families had a teenage son with severe disabilities.

The sad and sorry truth was that every time they had to move due to a duty station change he went down to the bottom of the new state's list.  Again and again and again.  And, he was at the mercy of each new state for educational services.  Some may have been good.  My guess was, a lot weren't.  It was the luck of the draw.

Why should that be for military families whose members are risking their lives every day?
 And better yet: 
Why should it be for ANYONE?

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