Thursday, July 22, 2010

Books for Inspiration Part 1

It's sad in a way, but our local libraries are stocking more and more books about autism, Aspergers, and other spectrum disorders, plus books written by parents and even people on the spectrum themselves.

The only thing I can wish for is a book by someone in my situation.  Hmm, maybe I should be the one writing that.

But seriously, I will report now and again on some books that have struck me one way or the other.

Today I wnt to mention "The Best Kind of Different" by Shonda Schilling.  Keep in mind that here in Yankee country it is against the law to even think about the Red wait, her husband Curt retired.  Still, it was an act of bravery to stock that book.  Kudos to the Broome County Library.


This book rang so true.  I don't want to get into particulars but I have "been there and done that" on a different (much different level) I was right there pulling with Shonda as she struggled with raising her "different" son.   Eventually Shonda listened to her Inner Mom (never ignore your Inner Mom by the way-it is always right) and got her son tested.  In a way, she was the last to was so obvious....

The results:  Aspergers.  In a house already bursting with ADHD (two other children, and her husband) this was just the icing on the cake.  (by the way, Shonda:  YOU ROCK!)

A lot of people would do well to read this book.  Considering how common autism is becoming, a lot of people had better get educated, and fast. 

Red Sox fan or not, this book is worth reading, on a lot of levels.  From her experiences in realizing that her Aspie son may not be cut out for sports (and why this is the case is a national shame, in my opinion), from her disregarding advice from her neurologist (learning to trust the Inner Mom once again), from her finally seeking out help (it's a sign of strength, folks...I can tell you that first hand, too) to bluntly speaking about her guilt in not getting her son tested earlier....this is one gem of a book.

And Shonda, if you ever want to know what happens on the other side of puberty-that's going to be a whole other story.  Please write another book, and let us know.  We want to know!

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