Saturday, July 10, 2010

International Sibling Conference - Are Spouses of Siblings Family?

A couple of Internet groups I belong to forwarded me this information about an International Sibling Conference August 7 and 8 in Greenwich, CT.

The purpose of the conference is explained in this link.

To quote further, from the website:

The International Sibling Conference is the perfect opportunity for you to get your questions answered and engage in meaningful conversation with people similar to yourself. This conference serves many purposes: to give professionals an opportunity to hear experts in the field of family dynamics and experience workshops put on by siblings; to give parents an opportunity to focus on their child/children who are not disabled; to give partners of adults with disabilities an opportunity to focus on the impact that the disability has had on their relationships. 


It is a pity that my husband does not reach out in this way.  Is this a part of the male makeup, not to want to ask for directions or support?  I sometimes wonder.  If the sibling had been mine, I think I would have been right there especially as this isn't too far a drive from where my mother in law lives.

The only thing that is "too bad" about this is the pricing structure.  It is a bit hard to understand (they even have someone to contact if you have doubts.)  I'd like to say this to the conference organizers:

Could you reconsider your pricing structure.
We siblings [and "loved ones" of siblings] have enough on our minds in our daily challenges to figure out how much money to send in.
This pricing structure also seems to put loved ones at a disadvantage.  As the wife of a sibling, I take personal offense that I don't "count" as family and must pay extra.  True, I'm not a sibling.  But please don't tell me that after 30 plus years of marriage to one, that I am not a true part of his family.

In addition, I have  been up front arm and arm with my husband in trying to make Bil's life better, to try to find services for him.  And I don't think I am the only one. I think I am far from the only one!

You should be rewarding those people in siblings lives who try to support, not trying to charge extra for them.

Petty?  I don't think so.

Other than that-I think the conference is a wonderful idea.  Support is always good.  I hope your conference is a success!

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