Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Life More Restricted

This is not an autism post.  Rather it is a book review that I happened to stumble upon.  You could call it the life most restricted by circumstances-in this case, polio.

I've written about polio before.  I know at least one person who had it as a child.

Polio.  It struck terror into our hearts as very young children.  I was young enough to be just entering school when the Salk vaccine came out.  I remember lining up in the basement of my elementary school to get my shots.

Life in an iron lung would have seemed like a death sentence.  But not to the author of this book.

Makes me feel in a way strange when I think of Bil.  Is he happy within the circumstances of his life?

At least the woman in the iron lung was able to write her memoirs.  If Bil wrote his, what would he say?

And, would I want to know?

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