Friday, September 3, 2010

Mr. Bil and the Hurricane

Was Bil disappointed with Hurricane Earl?

I can see him now, tracking every moment of it.  I know he's pretty relieved, actually, that it went to the east and didn't hit where he lives.

Weather on TV?  Enjoyable.

Weather in "real life"?  That's a whole other story.

As a child (and even now) Bil was terrified of thunder.  He isn't even that thrilled about rain.  When my son was injured in a car accident, Bil was eager to get his mom up here (well, not that he could drive her) until the forecast on the chosen day was rain.

He stayed home.

Weather has always been Bil's special interest though.  He loves the Weather Channel and Jim Cantore.  (Also any blonde woman who happens to show up).  I wish there was some way he could tour the Weather Channel one day, but getting him down to Atlanta would be a whole other challenge.

A challenge about as challenging as braving a hurricane.

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