Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Budget Cuts and Housing for Those with Disabilities

I heard a story from my husband, who spoke to his mother today.

Bil is going to get a new Medicaid Service Coordinator.  The one he has now (who has to leave her position due to personal reasons) had two disabled people living with her under some kind of New York funded program.  She and her family cared for them, in a family setting.

This program is being discontinued due to budget cuts.  They are going to be losing their home placement.

Apparently, they will not be homeless - our understanding is, they will be moved into a group home situation.

I don't know if either of these adults have autism, and how quickly they had to move.

Imagine, if you were neurotypical, if this happened to you.  What a shock it would be.

For Bil, it would be a disaster.

A reminder of how fragile his living situation may be, once his mother is no longer able to care for him.

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