Thursday, June 2, 2011

How About Those Mets!

During our recent stay, Bil came up from his room as his mother and we sat down to breakfast.

He has a radar for meals (always has had the ability to sense when a meal is about to be served.)  You rarely have to call him.

Usually, Bil will have little to say.  He will stay until he finishes eating (although I know he is observing everything around him), sometimes smiling to himself.  Then he will wordlessly get up and leave.  Never tries to help clear the table.  His mother had never insisted on it while she was younger, and she admitted to me not that long ago that it was "more trouble than it was worth" to try to get him to help.  I don't try to insist, either, although I have a nagging feeling that I should try more.

But today was a little different.

The first thing he did was update his mother on how the New York Mets did the night before.  She's a Mets fan also.   But in all honesty I think he would update anyone who was there, whether or not they care about the Mets.  And it seems lately, he's more and more eager to do the updating.

Bil has several "special interests" and the Mets are one of them.

With him, it remains conversation and watching on TV.  Bil's had chances (through his local ARC) to go to Mets games, and he never wants to.  Sort of like his love affair with the weather. Great if it stays on the Weather Channel. If it rains, or thunders near him - he doesn't like that at all.

Let's go Mets!

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