Friday, June 24, 2011

The Way She Sees It

Temple Grandin.  A doorway into the heart of how people with autism think, feel, and experience.  Arguably, Ms. Grandin is the most "famous" person alive with autism.  She has a unique talent with animals, and a unique talent in being able to communicate well with the neurotypical community.

Sometimes I wish there were more books out there dealing with adults with autism. Every time I see a new book in the library (and - sadly, in a way - the libraries are buying more and more books on the topic) I pick it up and leaf through it, and hope there will be something in there about adults.

There almost never is.

I happened to find this book online:  The Way I See It by Temple Grandin.

This is not a new book, but is revised.  For whatever reason, I have seldom sought out actual books written by people with autism.  I don't know why that is.  Perhaps because they would already differ from Bil, who has major problems in communicating (although he is verbal).  And, you can't assume that all people on the autistic spectrum are the same.  That's why it's a spectrum.

Still, I wonder if this book would have information of interest to me.  Perhaps I will look for it, when the library reopens on Monday.

And, oh, yes.  The HBO movie about Temple Grandin is now on DVD.  I hope our local library gets it soon.  Funny how there is hardly any place here anymore to rent DVD's.  There's the Redbox but what's the chance of a Redbox having this movie?  I've resisted signing up for Netflix so far (and I don't have a modern TV, anyway).  So the library has become a major source of DVD's too.

I'll report, if I do get the book or movie, on what I find out.

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