Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Medicaid Service Coordinator

The person we were supposed to call to get introduced to the new service coordinator was out today.  But we did find out a little more about the person who will be doing Bil's service coordination.

The person is young.  And has more than one child with autism.  My husband got the feeling she is pretty new at the game.

This could be good or bad.  Bad, in that she hasn't learned the true limits of what can be done.  But good, in that she may not have preconceived notions about how to advocate.  Good, in that she has experience with autism. And, she will be learning the service coordination game in the brave new world everyone with disabilities (and everyone in this country, really) will be living in - the brave new world of lowered expectations and budget cuts.

But bad, in that her "personal" experience is with children.  And maybe that will also cause her to identify more with parents than with siblings.

Sadly, it seems siblings and parents don't necessarily "get along".

Of course, I don't want to prejudge anyone.  So when I learn more, I will blog about it.

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