Tuesday, June 7, 2011

People First Waiver

I had blogged before about the Medicaid Service Coordinator I met at the Greater Binghamton autism walk on Saturday.  She couldn't predict what the scheduled budget cuts would bring, but mentioned we might soon have a new Medicaid Waiver.

I found this online.

It's pretty heavy duty reading (what things related to government aren't?) and I'll have to wade through it when I have some more time.

In the meantime - I wonder - will this help with getting affordable and decent medical coverage? (Bil's current medical doctor, his mother's, does not accept Medicaid.) Will it speed up the various waiting lists for housing for adults with developmental disability (so mothers in their 80's don't have to worry about taking care of their children?  Although, in all fairness, Bil's mother does it because she wants to-she has resisted having him moved into a separate housing placement.)  And, will a new waiver really help?

People First - a nice buzzword, but doesn't always work -( especially if the person in question is not capable of making decisions because they can't understand the issues and the consequences.)

I'll be curious about what I can find about this proposed waiver.

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