Thursday, April 6, 2017

Eyeglasses #atozchallenge

 My theme for the Blogging with A to Z Challenge is - Journeying Through the Unknown. 

Today, a story about eyeglasses.  Such a common item, but even something like eyeglasses can turn into an experience when Bil is involved.

For years, my brother in law "Bil"wore the same pair of glasses.  He is autistic, and change can be traumatic for him.

We would travel to where Bil and my mother in law lived, about 150 miles from our house, several times a year. We never questioned him wearing what seemed to be the same glasses year after year.

We figured that Bil seemed always to have the same frames because he either didn't need new glasses or he insisted on using the same frames for new prescriptions. Or maybe he was able to find frames that looked like what he had been wearing for many years.  And I do mean many years.

In 2015, we had to move Bil and his mom up here, near us and another family member, because of my mother in law's declining mobility, and for other reasons.  Sure enough, about two months after the move, Mil had to be hospitalized.  A stint in rehab followed, so we were very much in Bil's life.

One day, he presented us with his glasses.  The frame had broken.

We managed to find a place that would fix it, but, in questioning his Mom, my husband discovered that Bil not been to an eye doctor.  For many years.

(insert some guilt here, but nosense in guilt, we must move forward.)

We had to get Bil to an optometrist.   Bil agreed to be examined.  The optometrist found Bil needed new glasses, all right.  In fact, he needed bifocals.  Fortunately, there weren't other issues.

Bil got his glasses  But then, shortly after, we noticed he was back to wearing the old, obsolete glasses.  We told Bil that he had to wear his new glasses.  On further investigation, we found he was having trouble getting used to them.

Because of cost, we had gotten lined bifocals for him (he has no vision insurance).  With (pun intended) 20-20 hindsight, perhaps we should have spent extra money on no lined, which would have been easier for him to adjust to.

And then the old glasses he insisted on wearing broke again....

I don't know yet how this situation will resolve itself.  Just another day in the life.

That's how it goes.


  1. Hi! Change isn't easy for many people, even those who don't have limitations such as Bill. Lined bifocals would drive me insane, I think, so when I needed them several years ago I got progressives lens. The adjustment period was relatively short but still I noticed a difference vs single vision correction. I imagined bifocals have a similar adjustment curve and that could why Bill is having a hard time dealing with the new script. That being said, going the least expensive way still might be better than the extra cost. Best of luck to Bill and his eyeglass dilemma. I invite y'all to stop in for my latest Art Sketching Through the Alphabet with the letter "E" (elephant, eagle, elk)! Have an electric day a2zing!

  2. Thanks for sharing how a simple, everyday thing impacts others.

  3. Poor Bill. Change is hard for people with Autism. This may sound silly, but the new glasses aren't the only thing Bill needs to adjust to. He's seen the world skewed in whatever way it's been for so long that it's his normal. I taught children with Autism and I know how hard it is for them to let go of one thing and embrace another Hugs to you both. Find me here.LINK

  4. I wear progressives and took to them very quickly but my daughter finds it hard to adjust - says she feels dizzy. I hope Bill will find a pair that he likes soon.
    Thanks for dropping by my post

  5. Hiya - poor Bil and you all - so difficult to adjust to - I imagine bi-focals are quite difficult ... I only wear the lowest form of reading glasses when I do this - so I'm lucky. I'm sure you'll sort it out with him - you seem to be giving him what he needs and he'll be trusting and happy with you ... cheers Hilary

  6. Forgot my link I think ...


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