Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bil and the Oven

This past Friday, we visited my mother in law's.  She had been unsuccessful in getting Bil to go to a family wedding because he didn't know many people there.  So when we got there she had already left for the wedding.

She had misunderstood what time we were supposed to arrive and had told Bil we'd be there at 5 - when what we had told her was "between 5 and 6".  A very hungry Bil greeted us-although I was surprised that he was less anxious than I would have expected.

We tried to call but he didn't answer the phone.  My husband left a message.  He didn't try to retrieve it.  Not too many people call that house with our area code.  We had tried to teach him it was OK to answer phones where the caller ID showed our home area code (which our cell phone, of course, would have generated.)

Mom had left directions for us to cook some fish in the oven and heat up some vegetable leftovers.  Problem was - we had nothing to eat for ourselves-we had been planning to stop at a local supermarket to get a ready made meal.

It was a good thing we went to the house first.

We offered to get Bil his own meal and he refused.  So my husband decided we would dash out during the 1/2 hour it would take the frozen breaded fish to cook.  "You can take the fish out of the oven if the timer rings, Bil" he said to his brother.

"Um" I said.  "Do you think Bil knows how to take hot food out of the oven?"

OK, that wasn't going to work.  I had visions of Bil reaching in without even a potholder, and our family would never speak to us again.  Time for Plan B.

All turned out well though.  Bil got his meal, we got ours - and a new appreciation for the skills Bil still has to learn.

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