Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Open House

We went to the open house of the continuing care facility.

Not much to say.

They had a nice spread of fruit and bottled water out.  But, they only had one person giving tours and there was a small crowd waiting for her return.

What struck me?

There were no signs for the open house.  We had to ask the person driving one of those transport buses where it was.

There was only one person giving tours.  Funny for someone trying to sell housing that would cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars (when all was said and done).

We did get some information.  We decided not to wait for the tour.  It may have just been a perception, but most everyone waiting for the tour seemed to be dressed in golf clothes, or otherwise....there was just a feel about the place.  A feel saying I am not sure Bil would ever have been welcomed.  As it is, he is too young anyway, so mil and bil would not be able to stay together.

At least we have the information on cost.

So cross that one off (probably) and "on to the next event".

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