Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long Distance Gardening

Every year, we visit my mother in law and Bil either on the Mothers Day weekend or the Memorial Day weekend.

We already put in Mom's air conditioners on our last visit (early heat wave) so this visit should include some planting, and hopefully a BBQ.

Every year maintaining flower beds (i.e. watering) becomes harder and harder for my mother in law, so this year we may end up putting in some perennials and calling it quits to the annual flowers.

We see this even in our own lives as we are transitioning to more permanent plantings where we used to plant flowers....and, we don't really start anything from seed any more.

The concern we have is in her being able to afford lawn care.  She can't mow the lawn herself and can't maintain 1/4 acre of property without expensive paid  help.  I don't know if we ever could have helped Bil learn to do any of this, but in any event he has never helped any with upkeep of her property.

I had tried a couple of years ago to get some low cost help for her without success.  This year we may have to pursue this more aggressively.

As I've stated before, this will be an interesting Memorial Day visit.

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