Thursday, May 27, 2010

Traveling with Bil

In July we are going to be taking my mother in law to a wedding in another state.

My mother in law needs some assistance physically; she walks with a cane.  it would have been helpful for her to have grab bars (for shower, toileting, etc.)  And, Bil will be coming.  He's been in motel rooms before but it isn't a comfortable experience for him, especially if he can't have his own "space".  On the other hand, one time he had to stay in his own room and that didn't work out well, either.

We've never been along with him where he had to stay in a strange place.  So this will be another new experience.

We were able to book an "extended stay" motel that is an actual suite (two rooms).  However, we couldn't get an "accessible" room at the block rate.  We went with a block rate room but it irritated me and I am going to investigate this further. 

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