Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers of Children with Disabilities

No matter what the disability, no matter the age of your child, all mothers of children with disabilities are the unsung heroines of the world.  No one can know what it is like until events propel you into that category.  (In my next post, I'll explain a little further).  They don't ask for it, but they love their children even if the world doesn't, and fight like tigers for their children when necessary.

My mother in law gave birth to "Bil" in a time when mothers were blamed for their childrens' autism, and I can not imagine how much heartbreak that caused her.

Watching my mother in law, the mother of "Bil" that I write about, age, I have a lot of mixed emotions.  She wants so much to be independent, but her body is failing her.  (Praise the Lord, her mind is not.)  Bil will one day have to face her not being in her life anymore.

But for now....Happy Mother's Day, Mother-In-Law.  We couldn't be with you today due to distance and the trip we made last week, but we are thinking of you fondly.

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