Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Can You Think Outside the Box When You Don't Know What is Inside the Box?

After a bunch of phone tag we have two local senior "independent living" places sending us literature.  And, just coincidentally, one is having an open house tomorrow.

This first place will not let bil live there.  Too bad, he isn't 62, don't care that he is disabled, he is under 62.  

I don't think my mil will ever be able to afford this place with the open house but we will check it out "just in case".  I'm not sure we will go to the open house but we did ask for the literature.

The other mother in law and bil wouldn't be able to live in the same unit but they could both be there.  Again, I have a feeling the cost is going to be prohibitive.

In the meantime we hold our breath and pray my mil doesn't fall again.  We'll be down there in another week, and our work is cut out for us.

Some "outside the box" thinking is needed here.  In the meantime, I am getting a crash course on reading about long distance caretaking.  Thank heavens it isn't taking all of our time and that right now we have enough energy to do this.  But once my mother in law needs more physical care, that may change.  It is hard to do it from 150 miles away but it could have been 1500 miles.  And, we are both in the same state.  That makes a difference, too.

The other thing I am most thankful for is that my mil still has her mental facilities.  Very very thankful.

Not too many caretaker blogs.  The reason is obvious....caretakers don't have the time to educate others following in their footprints.

Putting bil into the mix doesn't make it easier but it could be a whole lot worse.

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