Friday, August 26, 2011

The Approach of Irene - 24 hours to Go

NYC is hunkering down with mandatory evacuations.  My mother in law and Bil are not in those zones.

LoHud (local newspaper for Westchester and Putnam County) has lists of emergency services.

Bil and my mother in law are going to stay put in their suburban NYC home.  It is going to have to be a good choice because the bridges across the Hudson River are probably going to close sometime tomorrow.  We won't be able to get to them even if we wanted to.

We've done what we can; we hope the family member shows up to stay with Bil and my mother in law.

Although we are not in an official danger zone where we are, we just bought bottled water and will make sure our cell phones are charged.

Earlier this week there was a bad storm at my mother in law's house and Bil was terrified. Well, I would have been too!  I hope Bil's anxiety doesn't overwhelm her.  Or him.

24 hours to go.

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