Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bil Still Not Able to Go Home after Irene

Bil is spending at least one more night up here in upstate NY.  Power to the house where he lives with his mother in law was just restored tonight, and a neighbor advises us the power comes on, it goes off, it comes on.

His cold seems better.  So did his appetite.

We wouldn't be able to take him and his mother home until the weekend - my husband and I both have to work.  But another family member may be able to take them home. We aren't sure he will be able to do so - it's a bit up in the air. We should know tomorrow.

Tonight Bil's appetite seems to have improved. I think he is sensing the end of his exile.  He knows the power is back on. When he was getting ready to leave he turned to me and said "we have a 50-50 chance of going home tomorrow".  And then he said "I hope I go home tomorrow".

This is one of the clearest communications he has ever had with me.  It came out of nowhere.

Not only that but Bil seemed not to mind us not having the TV on during the visit.  I'm a bit burned out on noise (my mother in law is hard of hearing and she wants the TV on at supersonic levels) and I just wanted it off.  He didn't even ask once to have the Weather Channel on.  His anxiety level was way down.  I guess that is what hope does to someone-the hope of seeing home again.

It's been a good experience having the family up here, and it has also been stressful.  But for their sakes, I hope they do go home tomorrow.

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