Sunday, August 21, 2011

Social Security Disability in Danger of Insolvency

So....still another worry concerning Bil.

Apparently the SSDI system is on the verge of insolvency. This fact has been swallowed up in all the discussion about Social Security in general.  But, a lot of disabled people depend on their SSDI.  And Bil is no exception.

 Bil's father is dead.  His widowed mother takes care of him.  She has her Social Security. Bil gets SSDI on his late father's account.  It is NOT welfare.  It is a benefit based on his father's work record. And Bil has his job in the sheltered workshop, and his SSDI check.

Sheltered workshop jobs, it seems, do not pay well.

Could you live on 50% of minimum wage?  We don't know exactly how much Bil makes (his mother has never disclosed this to us) but it is possible it is only 50% of minimum wage.  Or it could be that Bil isn't exploited in this way, but he can't be making that much. And, the area where he lives with his mother (the NY Metropolitan area) is not a low cost of living area.

How many other people are in this situation?  The SSDI isn't spending money.  It's living on money.

To understate it, this isn't good.

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