Monday, August 15, 2011

Trying to Exercise Bil

Every time we see Bil (right now, about once every two months - we live 150 miles from him) it is obvious that he has gained weight since the last visit.

Bil lives with my mother in law, whose mobility continues to deteriorate due to arthritis, and falls.  She used to love to mall walk but it is almost impossible for her now.  The winter especially poses challenges. This past winter he was housebound for weeks as his mother recovered from a fall.

Meantime, there is no close family member to take up the slack and accompany Bil to the mall. (or drive him there, either).  When family comes, their concentration is on my mother in law, and Bil's exercise needs get overlooked.. Bil does like to walk in the mall, but he does it slowly. The one time we ever tried to get Bil to do some exercise walking with us, my mother in law practically read the riot act to us because - what if he had an asthma attack?

I now discover that we are not alone in this fight.

The next step would be:  how do we implement the suggestions in this article?  Bil can't get to the mall on his own. (I suspect the mall is the one place he would exercise, because that is where he used to accompany his Mom.) And, we've never been able to get a reshab provider for Bil to take him out.  But we can't give up.  He has to stop gaining weight.

I hadn't done a Google search in over a year on the subject (trying to get inspiration) - this time I actually found a couple of links (see above).  There is another link that shows promise although right now there is no information concerning adults. But the good news is, some attention is starting to be paid to this

I just wish we could think outside the box.  Because right now I feel like I am at a total dead end, just talking about Bil: talking talking talking and not doing.

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