Friday, August 12, 2011

A Farm Residential Community?

Yes, indeed.

I recently read about SustainAbility.  This started out as the dream of an adult woman with autism - to live on a farm.

Her mother is helping the dream come true, not only for her, but for (right now) about 11 other adults.

This isn't a "first", at least for adults with autism.  There has been a movement (if that is the correct word) for many years, the Camphill communities.  One of my relatives knows someone whose teenaged son attends the Camphill school in Pennsylvania.

But where Camphill works with people with disabilities in general, SustainAbility warns of the crisis our country is about to enter into when all the children with autism grow up.

Must be an echo in here.  I've been talking about this for years.  Bil is just the beginning of this crisis.  Just wait, 10 years from now.  And just wait when all of today's parents of children with autism enter old age.

For Bil and his Mom (and me) that day is already here.

We need housing options.  And quick.  Hurray for that Mom who took action.  Thank you, from the bottom of this sibling-in-law's heart.

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