Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Next Steps

I am going to take a change and email the new Medicaid Service Coordinator assigned to Bil. The previous one never did much with email, claimed that PARC (Putnam ARC) discouraged it.  I would find that very hard to believe nowadays.  I think, rather, she must have been uncomfortable with it.

The new Medicaid Service Coordinator is young. Hopefully she will email back. I plan to ask if we can set up a phone call at a convenient time for all of us (probably just my husband and her, but to include me depending on her work hours.)  We have a lot of questions to ask.
-what do budget cuts mean for Bil?
-exactly what is the People First program and what does it mean for Bil?
-is there any chance of getting Reshab services for him, to help teach him skills leading to independence?

Finally we understand that Bil at work, will ignore, or procrastinate, with work he is assigned that he just doesn't feel like doing.  At the sheltered workshop level this is tolerated.  At anything higher, it would never be.  Bil has to be able to learn a better living than he can at a sheltered workshop, working part time.  Is there any possibility that this problem can be worked on?

Regretfully, this has been ignored in the normal business of our life.  I am ashamed to make this admission.  I will send the email tomorrow, and see if we get a response.

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