Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Preparations?

Trying to ensure that my mother in law has adequate food, water, other supplies, and possibly someone can either stay with her and Bil or even bring her up here.  Hurricane Irene is on the way, and people in the New York City metropolitan area don't have experience with hurricanes - unless they used to live in a hurricane area.

Long distance caretaking can be so much fun (not).

Better to be safe than sorry.  We are in the way, too, but it wouldn't be as bad here as it may get where Bil lives.

As for us - we need to get some water stockpiled also.  And some canned goods.  For us it will be more wind and floods.  This area has had massive floods, and we have a lot of trees around us.  For Bil, I hope he is not terrified.  He is always glued to the Weather Channel and he is terrified of heavy rain and lightening.  He certainly knows this storm is coming and he is probably driving my mother in law crazy with his anxiety. She is a strong woman, but you can only be so strong when you are in your 80's.

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