Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Talented Artist with Autism

I just ran across this article but it is awesome.

This young man takes a 20 minute helicopter ride over New York City and then reproduces it.

You can say it is "just memory" (a fantastic memory) but how many people could draw that?  If I had the best memory in the world the pictures would just stay trapped in there, as I can hardly draw at all.  If I try, what is in there never comes out right.

So, despite some who say this is not art, I say it is.

You have to be able to get it out.

This isn't the only cityscape he has done, and I understand there are videos of him on You Tube.

People with autism think in pictures.  And if you read this article you will see details of how this man created pictures to help him communicate with others.

Why does the brain give...and the brain then takes away?

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