Friday, February 5, 2010

The First Adventure

My brother in law is in town, brought up hereby my other brother in law while my mother in law is in Florida.

While I was at work today bil kept my husband company for an hour or so.

The two brothers arrived.  The brother bil is staying with asked my husband to "watch" bil while he went to the health club to exercise.  My husband did, and they had a good time watching the Weather Channel and the financial news.  But, brother had said he would be back at a certain time....and he was a few minutes late.

Brother in law was already becoming quite anxious.  Anxiety, sadly, has affected a lot of his quality of life.  Even the weather, one of his loves, can make him very anxious.

I wonder how we can 'train' my brother in law to be more accepting of the uncertainties of life.  The last time we saw him before today, he asked me if we would be visiting for a certain event.  I told him we did not know yet (which was the truth).  A few minutes later, he was asking my husband.  He could not rest without knowing, and "I don't know yet" wasn't an acceptable answer.

We'll both be spending time with him tomorrow evening so stay tuned for more.

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