Tuesday, February 2, 2010

T minus Less Than Two Days

My one brother in law should be bringing my other brother in law up here Thursday.

And then he will be here for about a week and a half visit.

Am I anxious?  In some ways yes.  But I also know that if I worry, what will go wrong will be something I never even thought of.  So I try to calm myself with that thought.

 As far as I know, this will be the first trip "bil" has ever taken (about a 3 hour car ride each way) without his mother along, although he has visited up here maybe 20 times in his life.  And trust me, bil remembers each one in great detail.  That is one thing I've always been fascinated with, his almost photographic memory.

Bil has stayed at my other brother in law's a number of times, but never for this long, and again, never without his mother.  I don't know if this will stress him out.  I don't have any "history" to go by.

One thing I have never compiled, for various reasons, is a document we can go by, which details my brother in law's wishes, his likes, his dislikes.  Sure, we know his favorite foods and his favorite TV shows.  But there is a lot we really don't know about him.  My mother in law (who he has always lived with) has never really communicated these things to us and if she left us suddenly.....  I hope that my in laws, or us, can notice a lot of things during this visit.  Even little details like the brands/flavors of toothpaste, could mean a lot one day.

That's one of the disadvantages of living 150 miles away...we just don't have the everyday interaction.

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