Friday, February 26, 2010

My Brother in Law, Computers, and the Virtual Weather Channel

Several years ago, I tried showing my brother in law the Weather Channel website, and some other things online.  He didn't seem to be that interested, but nothing says I can't try again one day.

I have to find some way to help broaden his horizons, so he can learn more about life and be able to make informed choices for himself.

My mother in law does use a computer but she has never owned a really good one - and her most current one needs to be replaced. So my brother in law has not had much exposure to them.

I found today a virtual Weather Channel HD studio tour.

One day I'd like to see if I can interest my brother in law in this.  But then I think about him using sites like Facebook and I shudder a little.  Introducing him to computers would be one complicated thing.

But maybe one day.

I may write about this topic of computers again sometime in the future.

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