Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Weather Channel Comes to Binghamton - But Can Brother in Law Go to the Weather Channel

Mike Seidel of the Weather Channel was broadcasting details of our snowstorm live from Binghamton earlier today.

Wonder how my brother in law feels.  I'm sure he has been watching.  The storm wasn't that bad during the day but an hour or so ago the wind really started to pick up.  It is pretty nasty outside right now.  Bil wouldn't want to be out there but I'm sure he is following the storm on TV.

The weather is my brother in law's true love.  It's funny too, that his two neurotypical brothers are very interested in the weather, too.  In fact, my husband, had the local colleges offered a major in meterology, probably would have taken it up.  But there wasn't the money to send him to a college that offered that. 

But back to my brother in would have been something if the Weather Channel gave tours, but they do not.  And, it would be a very daunting challenge to get him down to Atlanta.  Still, I may blog more about this one day.

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