Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Person with Autism Explores his World

Is my brother in law bored?

It is so hard communicating with him.  Also, his life has been in a similar routine for so many years.  For someone with autism, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

However, we made some interesting observations while brother in law was up here.

He is very curious in his own ways.  In small doses, he wants to explore places (mainly shopping malls and stores like Wal-Mart and Target.)  He wants to see what has changed since the last time he was there.  And, due to his excellent memory, he remembers the small details.  As we already knew, he enjoys going to restaurants.

And, when my brother in law's wife was working with him, getting him to help with dinner preparation in easy ways, or pushing a vacumn cleaner, she observed that he seemed to want to help.

Finally, when we arrived at my mother in law's house (3 hour journey) he settled back in and then wanted to be taken to the mall down there.

I know that sensory input for many with autism is an issue.  But I wonder if my brother in law needs a little more novelty in his life.

We took him to some places new to him and I'm not sure he was totally happy with that.  However, when I had to go to physical therapy (my husband was with us - I do this during my work hours) we gave him the choice of going into the building or not.  He chose to go.  We only had him there a couple of minutes.  It was so hard to tell what he was taking in.  He certainly did not resist leaving.

I don't know if he is bored with his life but I do want to investigate this subject more.

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