Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting Bil to Help My Mother in Law Out

Bustling around, getting ready for the Super Bowl (just my family, my brother in laws, my sister in law-son is working) I got to thinking-I've had a lot of help - my husband does the bulk of the cooking-but I've been doing a lot of stair climbing today, which has my arthritic knee complaining, and my back (which I have problems with) is complaining massively, too.

Meanwhile my mother in law, who is in her 80's, and has some mobility issues (a lot due to arthritis too but not all of it) tries to get bil to help.  This has been a recent development, trying to get him to help.  Now, he helps take the trash out, and she "thinks" he would be able to call 911 if necessary (she has fallen several times).  I tend to doubt it. The last time we were down (Christmas) he helped her with some table setting. But in truth, he doesn't help anywhere near what he should be doing, imho.

My other brother in law tried to show bil how to do a laundry and it wasn't very successful.  His wife has succeeded in getting bil to help with simple food preparation (no knives, etc.)  I didn't try to get bil to lend a hand - he stared at the Weather Channel while I opened bags of chips (this sometimes is hard!) and washed dishes, and my husband cooked.

We HAVE to get him to help my mother in law out.  She needs the help.  I am going to post more on this topic another time, as I have to go.

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